As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’ Matthew 10:7

Welcome to our sermon page!  New sermons are posted every week by Wednesday.  Click on the title for the video; text and podcast versions are also available.  May the Lord open his word to you, and you to his word!


Jesus, the First Ascensionist, Hebrews 2:10-18 (video)

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Jesus’s Inaugural Address, Luke 4:14-30 (video)

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Vintage Jesus  (video)

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Jesus, the Demolition Artist (video)

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Luke 2: The Most Boring Story in the Gospels

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Advent Also Starring: Simeon and Anna (video)

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Advent Also Starring:  Herod the Great (Cliche) (video)

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Advent Also Starring:  Zechariah and Elizabeth (video)

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Advent Also Starring–the Prophets (Jeremiah 33:14-16) (video)

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The Return of the King: Revelation 20 (video)

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It Took a Soldier: Veteran’s Day Sermon (video)

Outreach: Being God’s People in Public (video)

Tithing: So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World

Communion: to Remember and Proclaim

Baptism: the Replay of our Rebirth

Shared Darkness: Suffering and Gospel Hope

The Bible:  God’s Amazing Crazy Quilt

Not of Stones and Earth: What Does it Mean to be Church?

Paul: the Apostle Lead by the Hand 

The Silent Three: James the Less, Simon the Zealot, and Matthias

To Make Good Tables: Sermon for Labor Day

Apostle John: the Introvert whom Jesus Loved

Apostle Philip and Bartholomew: Good Horse Sense

Apostle James the Great:  Big Jim from the ‘Burbs

August 6: Guest Speaker Pastor Al Talison, “What is Required of Us?”

July 30:  Judas Iscariot, And it was Night

July 23:  Thomas, Blessed are those who Doubt

July 16: Guest Speaker Pastor Al Talison,  “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required”

July 9: Andrew, The Strong, Silent Type

July 2:  Jude, Guardian of the Gospel

June 25: Matthew, the Ironic Disciple

June 18: Apostle Peter the Rock (?)

Five Men Riding on Boat

June 11: The Righteous Dozen

Fireworks Photography

Pentecost 2017: All Together in One Place

Man Holding Bottle With Blue Smoke Standing on Cliff during Daytie

May 28: The PAPA Prayer, Approach

Christian, religion, Desperate man, Cross, Jesus, Faith

May 21: The PAPA Prayer, Purge

praying to God

May 14: The PAPA Prayer, Attend

Woman under sunset sky

May 7: The PAPA Prayer, Present

April 30: PAPA Prayer, Introduction

candle light

Easter Sermon: Resurrection Whisper

Palm Sunday 2017: “Parables of Found Objects, Matthew 11&18”

All sizes | Horton Wedding | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

March 19: “Parables of the Kingdom Not Yet, Matthew 25”

Grayscale Photo of Human Aligning Fingers

Sermon: In All Things, Love